April 01, 2010


holla world
i've been thinking abaout those words above since i applied my bengkoang mask on hahaha

it's time to make a scrap mind,, yupp it's quite similar wt scrap book but, i wont use any paper, it's global warming issue pal :D
first thing : i love to be cynical wt my life, the best part is i can see ME from the different angle, rite? there's noting wrong about it :D
next : i hate licker-person, u know what, they're just so hypocrite about life, hello it's 2010 everyone! it'll take my whole life to understand their way of life, duh! so let's forget about them my friend, just make our own better ways now on hohoho
last : i believe that there is no such thing named coincidence!! yippeey
i do believe in God's plans, they are just SO PERFECT, and perfect lead us to beauty, it's God's art, people!live it! there will always a string,and i always try to pull the string in every common-called-coincidence, that's a fun job, sometime things can deceive your judgement easily, and we should learn from our own mistakes :)
stop fooling yourself by act someone u're not. just let around u disappear and u fill ur own blanks
ah!those are my rando[m]ind never mind about things i wrote, its not about you tho, it's always about me *cuphs

nb: i love this abstract life :*

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