December 16, 2009

inspired by his humerus-dislocation

it made me so sad when i heard that he got injury during his pradiko
he got humerus-dislocation
he was so brave,he ignored the pain
now he has to immobilize his arm for weeks
this inspired me,
when i started to open my lecture of surgery
i want to share it

Definisi : keluarnya caput sendi dari mangko sendi
Penyebab : trauma
Gejala :
1. Deformitas : hilangnya tonjolan tulang yang normal ( deltoid rata, dislokasi bahu). Ada perpendekan
2. Nyeri
3. Fungsiolesa, gerak terbatas ( contoh dislokasi anterior sendi bahu tak bisa endorotasi )
4. Membuat X- foto
Tindakan :
1. reposisi segera
2. dislokasi sendi kecil dapat direposisi ditempat kejadian tanpa anestesi, misalnya dislokasi bahu, dislokasi jari.

Dislokasi bahu :
- paling sering dislokasi anterior
- teknik reposisi :
1. cara Hipocrates, pakai kaki di axilla, dilakukan traksi
2. cara Kocher, paling sering digunakan , taitu traksi, exorotasi, adduksi, endorotasi
3. Cara Stimson , posisi tengkurap, traksi 5- 71/2 kg, 25 menit.

Komplikasi :
- neuropraxia n axillaris  m deltoid lumpuh tak bisa abduksi
- robeknya cuff sendi
- dislokasi berulang
- interposisi tendo biseps aput longus.

i love u fakhrul,be strong as always *cuph!

December 02, 2009

easy come easy go

love those words..
means that i should not think about something too serious
but now, i want to do something fresh in my life
i want to start doing my hobby more often, and dig my talent in it
i hope it become a good thing for me, to release my stress xp
and i hope u all will enjoy yours!
wish me luck guys,it just a first step for me haha

come to mama,please

December 01, 2009

a brand new me

i'd like to make it simple

i just want to share something
sometimes i misunderstood with my own will, my own passion, it's natural,right?
please correct me if i'm wrong, but don't ever make a conclusion of me, i'm not an essay, so don't resume me
life is more than just words, because i can't write everything in words

i used to keep watch myself falls down, and it's time for me to rise up
just take a deep look of ourselves, our hearts.
so, support me