March 29, 2010

what the..??!

it's monday, in the morning i hoped it'll be such a nice,bright,happy day
in fact,those hopes are ruined by my magnificent M2 sableeeennng!!
hey meeen,i just wanna download some songs,,eererrgggghhh

it's becoming a "misuh" day..eventho i have no major reason to hate this day :p
well..well..i really dunno what to write,kinda sopor rite now hahaha
actually i got something to do,,-___-" i should touch the mtf glaucoma handout,but my butt aint moving even for an inch hahaha

ah!i've a story to share!it's about may new babies,my cactuses from my dear cadet.
woops wrong photo :p

slowly but sure they get rotten each day,,aaah it's a sad story
i've tried to place them outside, so that they can earn more sunlight..huhuhu
pleaase ya Allah,,give their life back..T___T

okeyh,tyme to grab that piece i've told ya!xoxo

March 13, 2010

half life by Emogen Heap

I knew that I'd get like this again
That's why I try to keep at bay
Be a hundred percent when I'm with you and then
The perfect heart's length away

The stickler is you've played not one beat wrong
You never promised me anything
Even sat me down and warned me just how they fall
I knew the odds were I'd never win

Yet here I am

It's a half life
With you as my quarterback
A daft life

My self-worth measured in text back tempo
It's been two days and 8 minutes too slow
Well there may well be others but I still like to pretend
That I'm the one you really want to grow old with

Got a schedule to stick to, got a world to keep sweet
You're so much to everyone all the time
Will you ever slow down? Will I ever come first?
The universe contracts to sigh

It's a half life
With you as my quarterback
A daft life

It's a half life
With you as my quarterback
A daft life

Hold me
Darling, please

Hold me
Darling, please

You know you'll never be lonely, no you'll always be loved
And maybe you never need more than that
But for the surplus that loves, what's to become of us?
Does it even register on your conscience?

Long for one last showdown from a box in a crowd
Air compressed tight to explode
I'm clenching my ticket to the only way out
As you disappear in a puff of smoke

It's a half life
With you as my quarterback
A daft life

i want u to feel it,i wont regret every single second that i've spend wt's amazing :')