March 29, 2010

what the..??!

it's monday, in the morning i hoped it'll be such a nice,bright,happy day
in fact,those hopes are ruined by my magnificent M2 sableeeennng!!
hey meeen,i just wanna download some songs,,eererrgggghhh

it's becoming a "misuh" day..eventho i have no major reason to hate this day :p
well..well..i really dunno what to write,kinda sopor rite now hahaha
actually i got something to do,,-___-" i should touch the mtf glaucoma handout,but my butt aint moving even for an inch hahaha

ah!i've a story to share!it's about may new babies,my cactuses from my dear cadet.
woops wrong photo :p

slowly but sure they get rotten each day,,aaah it's a sad story
i've tried to place them outside, so that they can earn more sunlight..huhuhu
pleaase ya Allah,,give their life back..T___T

okeyh,tyme to grab that piece i've told ya!xoxo

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